Cancer due to Hydrocarbons

Aromatic Hydrocarbons

It is the main chemical which causes cancer. This chemical is being  produced by burning of Bio Products like Coal, Oil, Gas, LPG, CNG and all other plant sources used as fuel for making food.

In food itself this chemical is produced during preparation of food. If food is prepared in direct contact of heat  like grilling, frying and roasting, it causes production of hydrocarbons.

In smoking hydrocarbon is the main chemical produced during burning of tobacco which causes lung cancer.

Very large quantity of hydrocarbon is produced by automobile exhaust and thermal power plants.

We are living in an environment, which is full of cancer producing chemicals and no body can escape from it.

Take preventive actions before it is too late………

Courtesy: Dr. Praveen Kumar Bansal, Director, Medical Oncology, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad.


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