Down Memory Lane – My wife Shama’s Cancer Journey


First of all let me introduce my wife, Shama Hussain, to you folks out there. She is about 50 years old, a chirpy housewife, but the fact that she is a cancer patient sometimes weighs heavily on her mind and slows her down. But she is fighter to the core and have fought bravely with this deadly disease. I got married to her in February’ 1990 and this year we celebrated our 25th Silver Jubilee marriage anniversary much to the delight of our 2 beautiful kids. Our son Aquib is about 22 years old and our daughter Arisha is about 19 years old. Both our kids are college going. My wife Shama takes care of them by staying at home. I have a job in Construction / Real Estate business.

Her cancer journey started by chance in October’ 2010. I had taken her to a lady doctor for a routine gynaecology investigation. During her check-up she matter of factly mentioned to the doctor that she has one or two small size lumps in her left breast. Immediately the doctor checked her left breast and asked us to go for a Mammography test at a reputed lab in New Delhi. She asked us to forget about the gynae test and proceed with the test. This was the beginning of all hell breaking loose for us.

We went for the Mammography but it was inconclusive. The doctor there advised us to go for an Ultrasound. Here again not much success in identification. We were further advised to undergo FNAC (Fine-needle aspiration cytology). No success here too. Ultimately, we went for the biopsy of the lump, which proved to be conclusive and her breast cancer was established. All these tests took about 6 days and on the 7th day we rushed to a Super Speciality Hospital called “Asian Institute of Medical Sciences” at Faridabad, India, adjacent to Delhi border. At the hospital we consulted Dr. Praveen Kumar Bansal, Director Oncology, Physical Oncologist.

Two imaging tests were performed immediately. One was Chest X-ray and the other one was Full Body MRI Scan. Luckily for my wife Shama, the cancer had not spread to any other parts of her body, it was confined to her left breast only. After a gap of one day, on the ninth day, Shama’s surgery was performed. Her left breast was completely removed. The further course of medical treatment was 12 sessions of Chemotherapy followed with 5 sessions of Radiotherapy. It took about 8 months to complete this course as Chemo Sessions were performed at an interval of 21 days followed with 5 straight days of Radiotherapy sessions.

These were really painful days for her as Chemotherapy medicines which are administered intravenously take a toll on human body with the patient being reduced to a cabbage for the next 4-5 days after its injection into body.

But my wife is a fighter and she fought all the way. Her only source of inspiration to continue with this life being her two young kids and me. She wanted to live for them. She never wanted to leave them. From 2010 till date she has fought with this deadly disease to be alive for her kids and for me. She has endured plenty of pain to be alive and kicking.

Everything was going along nicely till recently, she had responded very well to her follow up treatment and was still doing so. But in the month of December’ 2014 she started experiencing some pain in her Hip Joints. We consulted her doctor, he advised for a full body MRI Scan as well as a Bone Marrow Test to go to the root of this problem. The result of the MRI Scan showed that she has completely gotten rid of her Breast Cancer but the Bone Marrow Test along with concentrations found on her Hip Joints in MRI Scan concluded something which was unimaginative for us as well as our doctor and with this finding our small world of a small happy family has come crashing down……….

I shall reveal this finding in my next Blog, so be on the lookout and in the meantime pray for her to be alive……….


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