CANCER – The Dreaded Word / Disease

I am starting a series of Blog Posts on this Topic as my wife is afflicted with Breast Cancer. She has gone through hell and I wish to generate general awareness about this deadly disease to all the folks out there….

The first reaction when anybody is diagnosed with this Deadly Disease is……….


It is the most frequently asked question. Stage is very important aspect of cancer management. Treatment of cancer is decided by stage of cancer. Stage also indicates prognosis of cancer.

Stages of Cancer – Extent of Spread of Disease

1. If Cancer is localized  to local area — early Stage Cancer.

2. If cancer  has spread to local as well as regional lymph node – locally advanced cancer.

3. If cancer has spread to distant organs without any communication – Advanced Stage Cancer or Metastatic Cancer or Stage IV Cancer. 

The pictorial preview …..


The Early Lung Cancer

Advanced Lung Cancer
Metastasis – Stage IV Lung Cancer









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